Bahá’ís form a diverse community of over 7 million men, women and children from all backgrounds and walks of life in practically all countries, who seek to contribute to building a new world civilization by sharing and applying the Teachings of Bahá’u’lláh. Their lines of action include community building, social action and participation in the predominant discourses of society.
Baha'i BannerBahá’ís encourage free search for truth, foster equality of men and women, believe in the oneness of humanity, see an essential unity in all religions, support efforts towards international peace, build abilities for spiritual empowerment, like to listen to and learn from others, work with others, and invite others to work with them.


One of the newer means being used to achieve these ends is virtual worlds. This website offers a forum for sharing everything from news to history, from projects to discussions regarding creative, informational and educational Baha’i-inspired efforts to use the modern tools of virtual reality.

Most notably, Second Life has a small but vibrant international community of Baha’is and other friends who work together in fellowship to create beauty, community and skills for service. The Bahá’í community of Second Life cordially invites you to explore the exciting potentials of this medium.

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