Baha’i Devotional Music Event

Undivided Heart
Undivided Heart – Baha’i Devotional Music

Join Baha’i singer/song writer Joel Eilde in Second Life as he presents and discusses his new musical release, “The Undivided Heart”.

Where: the Bahá’í Center of Second Life:

When: Tuesday, July 12, at 7:00 pm Second Life Time (=PST)

JW Corey Tamas (Joel Eilde in Second Life) is the lead composer and singer for Red Heaven, a Canadian multicultural rock band. Their most recent release, The Undivided Heart, is a five-song EP which draws its inspiration from the holy writings of the Baha’i Faith and weaves them into a tapestry of world and ambient music.

Tamas will be speaking on Tuesday, July 12 at 7:00 pm PST/10:00 pm EST about the process of creating The Undivided Heart and giving some insights behind the music.

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